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How are we different from the other 20 SEO companies that contact you weekly?

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With us, you get the best of modern technology and the top SEO strategies in the business, coupled with a marketing team that truly understands the entire marketing process – where PR, marketing, SEO, and conversions all come together.

PLUS, we actually answer our phones. Every local SEO program is custom-tailored to YOU, and we don’t quit when Google throws out a big curveball. We handle it and get you through it, not make excuses.

When it comes to local SEO, we stand out by delivering tangible results, personalized service, and unwavering dedication. Choose us, and experience the difference that true expertise and commitment can make for your business.

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We’ve been doing Local SEO before anyone even called it that.

Local SEO is your new phone book. If done well, it generates the same types of business that you used to get in the 90’s from your phone books. People always have been and will be searching for you, but are you where they are looking? That’s our specialty.

You wouldn’t go to a general physician for an eye problem, you’d go see a specialist, right? That’s exactly the reason you’d use a Local SEO specialist, like us.

Don’t take our word for it. 

(Read what our clients say for yourself!)

Holy hell. We signed up with SEO Surgeons this year and within 3 months, we had our listing up on the first page of results, had increased website submissions, and had all of our misleading social accounts updated, corrected or deleted (if not necessary). Highly recommend Dan and Brittany for getting your SEO cleaned up and hitting hard!
If a single client came from them, they would have paid for themselves. We've gotten 3 clients already... they know their stuff!
SEO Surgeons has been our trusted SEO partner for quite some time, and they consistently deliver outstanding results! Their team is always responsive to our inquiries and provide valuable insights to optimize our SEO. We rely on their expertise to enhance our online presence and are consistently impressed with the outcomes they achieve.
We are very satisfied with all the work the SEO Surgeons are providing for us here at CA South Constructors!! Excellent job guys!!
SEO Surgeons worked our our Company way up to the first page and kept us there. They have a team of knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy professionals. Great return of investment and we highly recommend the service.
It has worked for me. I’ve tried everything and this was the only thing that was able to get me the top organic listing. The team is very responsive. It did take time so be patient if the results don’t happen immediately.
We've been using the SEO Surgeons since they were Stellar-eMarketing. We've had nothing but a great experience with them! Between the communication and helpfulness with Brittany from month to month with reports and when we need her to Dan hopping on a call to help us out with strategic planning to boost our online presence. I have nothing but good things to say about the SEO Surgeons and hope to continue to grow our online presence further in the future! Thanks guys!
We have been using SEO SURGEONS going on 3 years now in the Kansas City and Manhattan KS area. They have increased our Google and Website leads dramatically. They have been amazing to work with. The staff is always available to answer questions and explain the search results every month.We are in the process of upgrading our website with another company and SEO Surgeons have been very helpful and happy to talk with our web designer to make sure that our new platform doesn’t mess up the AMAZING work they have done.I highly recommend using SEO Surgeons just ask for Brittany.
My website company has highly recommended SEO Surgeons to improve my search rankings. We had multiple Zoom meetings where they shared our statistics, progress and discussed next steps. So far we made good progress and they are also happy to answer questions that are not related to their work. Thanks Dan and Brittany.
Great group of people to work with! We were referred to SEO Surgeons by a large EHR company where the owner of the company spoke very highly of them. They not only do an awesome job at getting our clinic more visibility and better ranking, but they go above and beyond to make sure everything is running smooth for our company. I highly recommend SEO Surgeons👍
I went from being on page 4 or five on any search for almost any term. Now I’m in the top three of all the search terms I wanted.
I am a person who is NOT a techie and who didn’t grow up learning computers. I run businesses and currently manage three companies. We were paying monthly seo fees, as we figure is necessary in this day and age, yet I could only presume things were going ok for our money…though the phones weren’t ringing off the hook and the monthly reports were confusing — Who really even knows if what I had was effective?!I came across Stellar and asked them to look into one business at first. They expertly and confidently consulted me on the subject and I learned how fairly ineffective the SEO I had been using actually was…and it angered me. At first, I gave them one of our businesses and within the first few months, the website hits were up GREATLY. The statistics were proving themselves well in a better-than-average timeframe so I gave them the second business to the same results; website hits up, more keywords in the top spots, and more phone calls coming in. By the third month with them, they had all three businesses and today, about 9 months later, I joke, Stellar-emarketing is my favorite bill to pay! They have many times over brought more clients to our sites and raised our call volume significantly. Their services are vastly less money than they bring into us monthly…and it finally feels good to do business with a team who understands abundance and quality exchange! They are experienced, fast, great communicators, and full of help. Their expertise proves out quickly and every member of their team is a pleasure to work with. I will be referring my friends.
Stellar took our internet presence to the next level. We originally started with a smaller territory, which went so well we expanded within 3-4 months. We've been in business for nearly 20 years with the last 12 or so of internet presence, other general SEO companies not familiar with the industry never got the job done. I mean after 3 other SEO companies you'd just think its a lost cause. Then I met Stellar, they really brought us up in the rankings and continued to work to keep us there. We've seen a great increase in internet calls, and actual leads turning into work. GREAT JOB STELLAR!!
I came to Stellar eMarketing from another company that had ruined my website and website ranking. Stellar turned it all around and knew how to fix everything and get me ranked quickly. I was so impressed I gave them both my businesses to manage and have raved about them to many others. You won't go wrong hiring them. That's a promise!
We used Stellar- eMarketing for our website and couldn't be happier with the results. Great customer service from Brittany, and we are seeing results. Five stars!
I have been with Stellar for a year or so. I have a direct comparison to my cold calling efforts vs Stellar's SEO efforts. This year I have closed 1 client via cold calling and I closed several long term and one off clients with Stellar's SEO efforts. Results speak for themselves.
We signed up with Stellar understanding SEO is a long term investment and did not expect to see an increase in business for months. However, after only 2 months we are receiving 2 - 3 calls a week. Our only regret is we didn't sign up sooner.
These guys have done an incredible job for us. We're getting lots of calls from our SEO now.
I switched SEO companies mid year and have tremendously grown recognition, revenue, and rankings since switching to Stellar eMarketing.
After having worked with Stellar eMarketing for a little over 3 months, we cannot emphasize enough how happy we are with their service. They are highly professional, attentive and know what needs to be done.
SEO GENIUSES! Stellar-eMarketing concentrates on my website exposure so that I do not have too! I receive a monthly "quantification report" that details my websites performance. Adding this service to my company, reduced my marketing expenses in half and saves me 5 hours a week!
Finally found an SEO company that actually knows how to get you on the first page of Google. We started working with Stellar somewhere in January and 5 months later we are #1 for the majority of keywords. Highly recommend them!
Great company. Specialist in Restoration Marketing. Everything they ever promised has happened. It is a process. They are a part of our team and we trust their input. Always have time for us. We are getting calls while ads are not running. Could not say enough great things about them.
I am currently using Stellar for my company's SEO services and seeing wonderful results. I currently receive 4-6 calls weekly due to my online presence and Ive only been with them for 2 months! Stellar is second to none, and I would highly recommend them!
We couldn't be happier that we chose Stellar-eMarketing. They are easy to get in touch with and always keep us updated on a regular basis. Love these guys!
They have done a great job in getting our web page up on Googles first page. The water restoration business is very competitive, with some big companies dominating the market. Stellar has helped a small company have excellent web search positions, even against the big companies and all of their money!Jeff HemmerA+ Restoration Services, Inc.
Stellar is great, the provide solid leads every month I know I can count on. And in the winter, the phones don't stop ringing
I have been working with Stellar eMarketing for about a year now. After trying many different SEO and SEM strategies with other companies, I was skeptical but for the price, I decided to give it a whirl. Since that whirl, we had added an additional category and seen a tremendous jump in our call volume from online sources. We went from 1-2 calls per month to 10-15 calls per month and continue to see a steady increase in calls. We live/work in a very competitive market in Denver and I would say that this kind of an increase, in a market where you are competing against hundreds of restoration companies, is a win! We look forward to the years ahead working with Stellar eMarketing!
I have been using Stellar e-marketing for almost a year now and they have done exactly what I asked and have given me what I expected. The so get great results. I will continue to use them going forward.
The most ethical and competent SEO company that deals in water damage repair. These guys are great 🙂 I'd definitely recommend them.
I am finally getting results with an SEO company! This is the third company I have worked with and I am consistently getting several new clients each month whereas before I was getting nothing. It only took a few months before an increase in business from my website started to occur. Go with these guys… They know what they're doing.
The results from working with Stellar e-Marketing have been fantastic! Our business has increased almost 15% in just the last three months that they have been working with us and our search engine rankings are right where we want them to be. Very easy to deal with - they understood our service business right off the bat and worked with both our web designer and our office to make things as easy as possible. Highly recommended.
Great communication. Fast responses to all of my questions. Their SEO efforts quickly raised our rankings for lots of keywords. Highly recommend them.
Stellar has provided outstanding service to my company. They have been quick to respond and very professional in all of our dealings but most importantly our website has received more visitors and our Google rankings have gone up significantly! I couldn't be happier with their service and highly recommend them!
Stellar-eMarketing is a very professional company with great customer service. They have gotten us to the top of the organic listings in Google and kept us there! They are very ethical and trustworthy while really knowing their stuff. I've been very happy with their services and would highly recommend them.
These guys are the best. I got sweet talked into leaving them a few years ago - biggest mistake EVER! My rankings( and the phone calls) plunged from near the top of page 1 in most catagories to pages 2 and 3. I came back to Stellar like the Prodical Son, and within 4 to 6 months they had me back on top again, and keep fine tuning to help me get leads from areas I hadn't even explored before. I will NEVER leave these guys again. They are the only ones I found who really get the water damage restoration business.
I highly recommend Stellar-eMarketing for professional and effective SEO for websites. They took my site from obscurity to prominent position, most often at #1 on Google search. The name of the game with SEO is longevity and patients. Dan and his team are persistent and get the job done. I very much appreciate their expertise.
Stellar does my SEO for my company and they have delivered on what I asked. I was aware that it was a process but on many key terms, they got me ranked faster than I expected. I met the owner personally and he has always been straight forward and honest. In an industry that preys on you (the company in need of SEO) not knowing anything at all, Stellar has been great at being transparent and getting the job done.
been using stellar for over a year now. they've been great. it's been a good ROI for us. and they've always been easy to get a hold of with any questions that i have. i would absolutely recommend them
I started using Stellar-eMarketing several years ago at a time when terms like "optimaization" were not generally known (at least not to me or my associates). I took a chance with a small company and started making monthly payments hoping that it might help a little, but not having much hope for a big change. I did have some confidence in their abilities, I just didn't think my business was the type of business that could benefit much from the web. I had a web site much earlier than most of my competitors, but only used it (and only thought it was good for) a source of detailed information that I could direct people to with other forms of marketing. After about a year of no real change in business, and my partner complaining about what we were paying for, we started to notice increases in qualified customers as a direct result of the web, and the increased ranking. They also had some suggestions about marketing in general that were actually good, which I didn't expect. It has now been several years that they have kept my company ranked within the top few positions (often 1st), and my web site has gone from having almost no influence in our performance, to being a major contributor.
I had been researching for an SEO company. I spoke with a couple of companies and did not like the response I received. Alex Donovan from ASquared studio referred me to Stellar Marketing and Dan York. . Stellar Marketing provided me with the tools to grow my business in a down economy. Dan response to my phone calls and gets back to me in short order when I have a question or concern. They always send me my ratings on Google and other search engines and how we can improve our online performance. I highly recommend this company, and the services they provide. Stellar Marketing has become one of our trusted partners over the last three years.John BrierPresidentCliffside Stump Grinding
Great Service! My second month in the program and I'm already seeing results.
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