What’s the Best Internet Marketing to do During a Recession?


What’s the best form of internet marketing to do during a recession for local businesses?


It’s SEO (search engine optimization). Why? it’s where people are looking for you and the ROI is unmatched. It’s the biggest bang for you buck that you can get today.



What is the new Phone Book Today?

I’ve lived through 3 recessions. 30 years ago, where’s the 1st place you’d put your local business so customers could find you? The Yellow Pages!  Now, the psychology of how customers find you hasn’t actually changed. The only thing that has changed is the technology of how that psychology occurs. So, now the phone book is dead, but Google (and Google Maps) achieves that exact thing today.


What's the Best Internet Marketing to do During a Recession? 2023


However, as simple as they may sound, today is much more confusing due to the number of different internet marketing services that you’re offered, and with all the new terminology and technology, it’s tough to be in your shoes. But, it actually is as simple as stated above.



Why is SEO necessary for the survival of any local company through a recession?

So, here we are, in yet another recession with super-high inflation. Your cannot waste money on things that don’t get you a return on your budget spend, so what should you do? Well, if Google is the new Yellow Pages, you MUST do SEO not only to stay competitive, but to survive at all.  You don’t really have a choice anymore whether to do it or not, as some people erroneously think. The only choice you now have is WHO you choose to do it for you.  It’s as “optional” as the phonebook was for you 30 years ago.


How Do You Find an SEO Company You Can Trust?

Another unfortunate thing for you to consider is that the Internet marketing industry is similar to the construction industry. It has a very easy access point. That means that anybody and their brother can come onto the scene and have a service. But, as with construction, there’s the old construction saying that, “For every 25 contractors you talk to, only one of them is good.” The Internet marketing business is about the same. Not only that, they have to be good tactically, but they also have to break you through all the noise of the many competitors that you have.


What Happens if You Hop From One SEO Company to the Next?

Another big part of the problem with SEO is you, believe it or not.  You hop from one company to another and another every 3 to 6 months, and then say, “SEO doesn’t work” or “that company sucked.”  Well, maybe they. But…maybe they didn’t. This stuff actually takes time. 3-6 may be enough, but maybe, not.


Stop company hopping. This is killing your potential revenues by sometimes astronomical amounts. Remember that the most expensive dollar lost is the one that you never earned.

SEO takes time & patience. It takes a good strategy. It’s a long-term game. 3 to 6 months may not enough time.


Our clients survived the ’08-’09 recession just fine, some of them even having their highest ever years.


So, let’s get through another recession together, shall we?




Dan York, Founder
The SEO Surgeons