Strategies to Elevate the Standard of New Patients in Your Practice

Have you experienced a recent decline in the quality of new patients?

Is your current digital marketing strategy falling short?

Despite following conventional marketing wisdom, are you still attracting the wrong patients?

These challenges may all be interconnected.

Are You Targeting the Right Kind of New Patients?

In today’s digital landscape, vague messaging won’t cut it. If you’re simply asking for ‘new patients,’ you might attract individuals who aren’t an ideal fit for your practice. In an era where people seek specific services, it’s essential to target appropriately.

Consider your choices when browsing Netflix, shopping for a car, or even dating. You search by specific categories, not generalities. This can cause you to miss out on the patients you really want.

Position Yourself Where New Patients are Searching

Strategies to Elevate the Standard of New Patients in Your Practice

Fact: People are looking for your services. The question is, are you visible where they’re searching? If you keep attracting the wrong type of patients, the answer is likely no.

Search behavior is becoming more nuanced each year. Today, potential patients are conducting specialized searches for healthcare providers who meet their specific needs.

The Reason You’re Not Retaining High-Quality Patients

Your failure to adapt to these shifts in consumer behavior could be why you’re not maintaining a high-quality patient base. If your digital marketing methods remain static, the quality of your new patients will suffer.

Issues like one-time appointments, patients without appropriate payment methods, and other inefficiencies may arise.

The silver lining? This situation can be corrected with an effective marketing strategy.

If you need specialized assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. This is our expertise.


Dan York, Founder

SEO Surgeons