Are your Google reviews affecting your SEO?

The most common question we’re asked in 2024 is, “How much do Google reviews affect your Google rankings, both in your Google My Business results and in the Organic SERP’s?”Google Reviews

The answer is an interesting one. We have seen people with no reviews or one review, or one or two reviewsthat were one-star reviews, outrank somebody who has hundreds of reviews. That alone should answer that question. 

Now that being said, let’s say that you rank high for any search either in your Google My Business listing or in the Organic listings. Even if you rank high, and you have no reputation to speak of? You still aren’t gonna get clicked. 

You have to realize that you have about 3 to 5 seconds to get into somebody’s head. They’re going to search for your company and then they are going to get a 3 to 5 second impression about you and typically they will start by looking at your GMB listing, then, of course your organic listings where you’re going to see reviews listed in Facebook, MapQuest, and other websites. At a glancethis person can have a complete opinion formed about your company.

So, does having hundreds of reviews or no reviews or good reviews or bad reviews affect your SEO rankings? Not that we see, but it certainly is goingto affect the conversion of somebody looking for you turning into a client. 

We have a client right now has dominant rankings in his niche, but he gets no calls and that’s because he averages about 3 stars across all different platforms and people are instantly clicking off of them.

This tells you how much you want to spend doing reviews…


Dan York, Founder

SEO Surgeons