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  • Did Your Lead Flow Die with the June, Aug., Sept., or Oct. Google Updates?

    Did your lead flow from Google die at the end of May/Early June, Aug., Sept. or Oct.?  If so, you were likely dropped in Google by the most recent Google updates. Some of these were the most impactful Google updates that we’ve seen since Dec 2019.  We’ve been taking in and successfully repairing many, many […]

  • How Your Company Can Survive the Recession

    How Your Company Can Survive the Recession   Shana Randell and Dan York discuss not only how to survive through this next recession, but how to emerge a market leader after it passes: Click HERE to Watch the interview.    Dan York, Founder The SEO Surgeons

  • Definition of Noise in Marketing

    What is the Meaning of NOISE in Marketing?   Depending on where you look, not only does the definition change drastically, but some definitions are just confusing. So what, simply put, does “Noise” mean in the marketing world?  Let’s have a look…     Noise (Noun): Confusion caused by too many messages trying to be delivered at […]

  • How “Company Hopping” Ruins your ROI

    What is “Company Hopping?” It is jumping from one service company to the next, every few months, for whatever “good reason.” There are a lot of people who have this operating basis on various services. Call me old school, but I like a relationship with a proven-out service provider and once I find that relationship, […]

  • What’s the #1 Internet Marketing Activity You Should Do During a Recession?

    I’ve been through 3 recessions now in my career. Rewind to 30 years ago, where’s the 1st place you’d put your business so customers could find you? The Yellow Pages! And you’d be competitive by changing your name to “AAA Service Company” or by buying a half a page ad for $50,000 a year. Something […]

  • The What, How and Why of SEO

    Assuming you’ve decided to start a Search Engine Optimization program, you should understand what it is, why you need it, and how to choose the right company:  The What First, let’s understand what we’re signing up for: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply getting found and ranked highly in the search engines- those being Google, […]

  • Why Am I Not Getting Any New Business From the Internet?

    Why Am I Not Getting Any New Business From the Internet? Too often I’ll see business owners cut their own throats for the lack of this information, so pay attention. This is a question we are frequently asked (Luckily it is far less complex than it looks). Internet Marketing is a specialty, which is why […]

  • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

    What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Even though internet marketing is now quite old, some of our clients still ask us, “What is SEO?” It’s simple. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. A Search Engine is like Google, Yahoo or Bing. It’s where you go online to search for whatever it is you’re looking for. […]

  • The actual cost of discount and cheap SEO

    It’s common in our business to hear people say, “we’ve found a cheaper SEO company” or “such and such company will do it for half of what you charge.”  When people say this to us, we don’t fight them on it, we just educate them. The first question we have to ask is, “Will they […]


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