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  • SEO Surgeons gets a tip of the hat from SEOmoz

    We had a little surprise earlier this week… SEOmoz, a highly respected authority in SEO, conducted a nationwide survey unbeknownst to us or anyone else. SEO Surgeons ended up ranking in the top five nationwide as being one of the most actionable and ethical SEO companies in their survey (nearly 100 companies)! This is a great […]

  • How Do I Get More Google Reviews For My Business?

    Anyone who has been in business for a long time knows this fact: Your satisfied clients rarely (without prompting) write positive reviews about your business, but that one nasty client who you probably shouldn’t have sold in the first place, he’ll slam you all over every review site he can, starting with leaving a good […]

  • The fastest way to grow your business – Get rid of the poison in it

    Expanding a business can seem like mysticism to some. Some are great at it, some aren’t. But why? Let’s get the obvious factors out of the way: Do a good job, have good customer service and value your customers, work hard, market and advertise a lot, be a professional. If you’re not even there yet, […]

  • Are You Running Your Company on “Herd Mentality?”

    Well, are you? Let’s first look at what what Herd Mentality is: Herd Mentality is when you act the same way as the people around you, ignoring your feelings or observations of facts in the process. In other words you’re REACTING. You don’t think, you don’t observe, you’re REACTING.       Anyone who’s been […]

  • Why Should I Use SEO?

    Why Should I Use SEO? Every year people ask me why they should be using Search Engine Optimization. My answer is always the same– that’s where your new customers are looking for you! I’ve seen a lot of marketing trends come and go from SMS Marketing (text-message marketing) all the way back to Fax Broadcasting […]

  • So you’ve been burned by SEO companies…..again

    Yes, it is an unfortunate truth that there are some… “not so great” service providers in the SEO world. What you have to know is that good SEO works. You’ve been burned, possibly several times and finally concluded that SEO and internet marketing is a racket. But it is not true. The concept is that […]

  • WHY SEO DOESN’T WORK: A Q&A about Discount Internet Marketing & In-House SEO

    WHY SEO DOESN’T WORK: A Q&A about Discount Internet Marketing & In-House SEO I want to build on that and tackle another subject of why your SEO didn’t work. But let’s recap some of in-house or outsourced SEO: Hiring a full-time person for your internet marketing will cost from 35-125k annually. You can outsource for […]

  • In-house SEO – Use an SEO Company or In-House it?

    A well known phrase in the business world is, “The most expensive dollar you’ll ever “save” is the dollar you don’t make.” Business owners should save money, I do…but on the right things. You didn’t want to buy Bitcoin at $400 because it was too expensive? Well it’s now between $40k & $60k. You “saved” […]

  • How to Recover from Bad Google Reviews

    How to Recover from Bad Google Reviews If you’ve been in business long enough, you’ll know this fact: You could have 100 happy clients and 1 bad one, but that bad one is the one who will go and spread bad reviews all over the internet about you while the good ones don’t do anything. […]


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