What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the online marketing method of improving a website’s rankings in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, etc. so that the website shows up higher and higher in internet searches when someone’s looking for you.


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We suggest anyone seeking an SEO company to try others before trying us to see how we differentiate. However, with every company you engage with, you have to be patient, give it time, trust the process, and trust your SEO company to be working for you to get what you need done. We’re very experienced in working with companies that have been through terrible SEO experiences and need to have their websites recovered. We’ve also talked to companies that have gone through sometimes 5 or more SEO companies, unsuccessfully. It’s very probable that all of those companies were not bad companies, but you may not have given them enough time to do what they needed to do or some other such circumstance. There are no magical tricks to getting you to the top fast, and we will not make that promise. This process takes hard work, dedication, commitment, and persistence. Your SEO company should have those qualities to succeed.

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Most commonly asked questions about SEO

The natural search results (not paid ads and sponsored links) pull the largest percentage of internet viewers. How many times have you clicked beyond the first page when searching on the internet?  The majority of people don’t. High rankings on the search engines isn’t just for generating traffic, it’s now part of your company’s credibility and how your customers are finding you today. Google, Yahoo and Bing, the top 3 search engines, also make up the majority of internet searches worldwide and are the major sources of people finding the companies and products they will use. As print ads and Yellow Pages continue to shrink every year in this digital age, a lack of SEO can be very detrimental to your company’s future expansion.

A handful of companies do their own SEO, but they generally will have someone very experienced with internet marketing internally doing it for them.  SEO is similar to trades such as carpentry, dry cleaning, landscaping, website development and other specialties – it’s not that we couldn’t BECOME specialists at each of them; it’s “DO WE WANT TO?” and “DO WE HAVE THE TIME TO?”  It is always more cost effective to have a company do your SEO for you than it is to hire one internally unless you have a very large company that can afford the payroll costs of an SEO specialist.

This varies depending on lots of factors. How competitive are the keywords? Are we working worldwide or locally? How many local companies are there in the region you’re marketing, etc.?… as well as many other questions.  We tell our client that it takes about 3-6 months to get the desired results, but sometimes longer on damaged or unestablished websites.  This is a long-term marketing strategy, like a phone book and should not be thought of short-term. Invest in it for the long-term and persist.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy and should continue forever. There is no easy way to the top.  SEO is constantly changing, your results on the short term will not stay there forever and must be updated and maintained.  It is very competitive and a constant fight for survival.

It takes top-notch strategy and dedicated, hard work from your SEO company.  Providing relevant content for your industry and location so the search engines can easily find you.  Staying ahead of the game for any changes in Google that would affect your rankings, changes that have been more frequent than ever in history.  It takes an individualized marketing message that makes you stand out amongst the other 30 people your potential client will see on page 1 of Google.

That mostly depends on what your website is designed in. If your site was designed in Flash for example, Flash is not currently compatible with most mobile products from Apple such as the iPad or iPhone.  It also does not perform favorably when Google’s spiders come crawling through your site to read it. HTML websites or blogging sites such as WordPress are highly recommended due to their performance in the search rankings.  This all falls into what your seo company will do for you.

White Hat SEO techniques are the safe, search engine approved SEO techniques that build more naturally and do not risk the removal of your website from the search engines.

Black Hat SEO is any un-ethical SEO techniques. The results to your website from using these techniques can be extremely detrimental. If Google for example were to find these techniques employed on your website, they could  delete your website from Google, which is the kiss of death for your website.  An ethical SEO company will not use any Black Hat SEO techniques.

We specialize in Local SEO and working with any company that needs to be found locally in their local area and we can do this world wide. We’ve worked with companies all cross the Globe in any English speaking country.  Some of our primary vertical marketing specialties re:  water damage marketing, water damage SEO, Water damage leads, mold removal SEO, Mold Removal Marketing & senior living SEO.