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We connect you directly to your new patients.

WHY USe us?

  • We get you not just “more new patients,” but the right ones
  • We increase the quality of your new patient flow 
  • We get you new patients in your specialties (i.e cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, etc.)
  • Chosen as one of the most ethical SEO companies in the U.S.
  • No long-term contracts – One low monthly fee 
  • No headaches – we do it ALL for you
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Could your dental office use more NEW, QUALITY PATIENTS? 

If you’re seeing new patients coming from Google, but they aren’t correct or they’re low-volume, you really need a new SEO strategy. We can help you focus in on the right demographics, the right neighborhoods, the right cities and the specialties that your practice focuses on.

If you’re not known in your local area as the Dental authority (insert specialty), we need to talk. People are looking for your specialties, even if it is general dentistry, but if they aren’t finding you, there is a major disconnect that we can correct.

It’s easy for companies to show your dental practice all sorts of interesting “facts and figures” and confusing website metrics to prove they are doing the job right. We know one thing, unless it translates into actual new patients in the office, and the CORRECT new patients, none of that matters. 

If you’re sick of the excuses and headaches and tired of wasting your marketing budget, call us. We know exactly what to do, right now. 

Our dental SEO services focus on optimizing your website and Google My Business (GMB) account to rank at the top of Google and drive new patients to your practice. Please read our Guide to Local SEO for Dentists for more intro information.

  • Everything You Need
    Rarely will you run across a company that has the combined Local SEO experience and skills that we have.
  • Top Local Strategists
    We’ve got the top local SEO strategists for both local businesses and national businesses executing a national, local SEO strategy.
  • Google MY business
    Our program includes servicing your Google My Business account (AKA Google Maps).
  • Alexa, Mobile SEarch
    We handle all of your Mobile Search needs, including Alexa, etc.
  • Ethical & Honest
    We would never use any unethical techniques that would harm the future of your website like some companies do. On the contrary, most of our clients go through every Google change unharmed.
  • SEO Experts
    Our team of SEO experts isn’t going to wait on you to know what to do, on the contrary, we tell you what is going to work. And with us, there is no downtime. We’ve been longtime experts in Dental SEO as we know how to get the patients you really need.

Call the specialists at SEO Surgeons!

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The Dental SEO Program

  • We have a specialized program designed by our team of leading SEO experts at SEO Surgeons. Our team has a wealth of experience in local SEO for dentists across the country, and we work closely with top dental professionals with decades of experience in treating patients.
  • Our program is designed to improve the targeted, online visibility of your Office and attract new patients within your selected radius through a localized SEO strategy.
  • Once on board with Dental SEO our Director of Operations, who has extensive experience, will work closely with your practice to provide regular updates on your progress and help develop a growth strategy tailored to you.
  • Transparency and communication are core values at SEO Surgeons, and we strive to earn the trust of our clients by providing clear and actionable information about our services., which is why we were selected as one of the most actionable and ethical SEO companies in the country.
  • Our program includes everything necessary for successful local SEO, including optimizing your website, managing Google Maps and business listings, and more.

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Who are we?

Well, we’re not like the other SEO companies you’ve talked to.

We’re not just SEO “geeks”. We’re real Marketing people. We know how to say something real to your client, how to differentiate you from all of your competition.

We get the job done, ethically and competently, with amazing client retention.

If You’re Not Seeing the Right Kinds of Patients, or None at All, We Know Why and Can Help!

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you attract new patients to your practice.


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